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Porsche Approved

Porsche Approved

We are convinced of the quality of our sports cars. This is why the Porsche Approved Warranty provides you with a comparable level of reassurance as our new car warranty – and covers our sports cars for up to 10 years. Provided that they have passed the 111-point check. Further enhancing the value of your Porsche – and ensuring maximum driving pleasure.

Porsche Approved Pre-Owned Cars

Look for the Porsche Approved seal when buying a pre-owned Porsche. A Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car offers you quality, peace of mind and, above all, plenty of driving pleasure.

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Porsche Approved Warranty

The Porsche Approved Warranty covers all components of your Porsche and offers the same level of service as our new car warranty.

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111-point check

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Porsche Tequipment 액세서리
Porsche Tequipment 액세서리
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포르쉐 서비스
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