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Off to the garage! Google the term “innovation” and you’ll get about 500 million hits. There are technical innovations. Economic innovations. Social innovations. Some change the world. Some don’t. Some can be the key to a company’s success. Some are just buzzwords. According to Fredmund Malik, a leading management theorist, there is too much hype around innovation. And too little professionalism.

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Porsche - “Innovations are the future.” (From August 4 on)

“Innovations are the future.” (From August 4 on)

Oliver Blume, the new CEO of Porsche, has taken the helm at a time of far-reaching changes. How much longer will we be using com­bustion engines? How much longer still will we be sitting at the wheel? When will computers start driving cars? Blume’s answers are self-­assured and courageous—and not for people with rigid ideas.

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