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Issue 377 Christophorus

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Off to the garage! Google the term “innovation” and you’ll get about 500 million hits. There are technical innovations. Economic innovations. Social innovations. Some change the world. Some don’t. Some can be the key to a company’s success. Some are just buzzwords. According to Fredmund Malik, a leading management theorist, there is too much hype around innovation. And too little professionalism.

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Porsche - Art in Los Angeles (from September 1 on)

Art in Los Angeles (from September 1 on)

Living portraits—or when art imitates life and turns three dimensions into two. Saying that Alexa Meade paints people is an accurate description of what she does—and yet it utterly fails to do her work justice. This young American artist applies paint to her subjects, who happen to be living people, and then collapses them into two-dimensional elements of colored backgrounds. The composition of person and background creates the portrait. In doing so, she challenges our customary modes of perception—not to mention the self-image of her models.

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